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FDL GROUP was founded based upon the recognized need for user-focused medical product training and certification. Product manufacturers know that developing a truly effective curriculum requires not only the ability to know how the product is used but also how to teach its use. Our curriculum development expertise comes from decades of real-world provider experience coupled with extensive academic and teaching backgrounds. Combining these critical elements with interactive multi-media presentations results in a product that keeps your end users interested and involved.

FDL GROUP can produce traditional classroom based curriculums but our capabilities expand well beyond that capacity. Leveraging our team of technology experts, we are able to produce web-based training programs that allow your customers to train and certify on your products with verifiable testing results delivered to you for permanent record keeping. Concurrently, you also receive a complete data package on each customer completing the certification allowing you to contact them for FDA compliance, product updates/recalls and sales follow up purposes. All of this is accomplished remotely so your employees never have to travel to the customer’s location.

Please explore our website to learn more and feel free to contact us HERE with any questions. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

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Product Certification Training

1FDL GROUP specializes in the development and hosting of on-line multimedia medical device certification programs.

Curriculum Development

2FDL GROUP, in addition to on-line product certification courses, also offers traditional curriculum development services for our clients.

Product Images/Marketing

3FDL GROUP offers professional product photography and video production services in conjunction with curriculum development and marketing programs or as a stand-alone service.

Device Development Consulting

4The staff at FDL GROUP has decades of combined medical expertise in a wide variety of medical environments and disciplines.

Latest Projects

FDL GROUP was contracted to script and shoot a commercialized training video for the Belt Trauma Kit (BTK) from Z-Medica...

Photo Shoot
FDL Group can set up field and studio photo shoots to support your marketing needs.
Video Shoot
Take a look behind the scenes of the BTK video shoot.
Click here to view the BTK video.

Latest Projects

FDL GROUP was recently contacted by a manufacturer who needed a commercialized promotional video for their product. Key to this request was a quick turn around and a tight budget...

Photo Shoot
FDL Group can perform post-production services to highlight your product in still photos.
Video Shoot
See how stock footage can be integrated into videos to produce appealing effects at low cost.
Click here to see the SWAT-T video.

Latest Projects

FDL GROUP was recently contracted to work with Maryland based Operative Experience, Inc on a video and photo series in support of their training and marketing efforts...

Photo Shoot
FDL Group can place your product in numerous realistic environments to support your marketing needs.
Video Shoot
Take a look behind the scenes of one of our video shoots.
Video Excerpt
Click here to view a short excerpt from the OEI product shoot.